Best Smartwatches for Mums

  Watches go handy in accessorizing our dress code and don’t we all just love seeing our mothers rock the classy watches we bought them? Over time watches have been seen to act as a piece of jewelry or bracelet as opposed to the ancient time telling pieces of equipment tied on the wrist. They […]

Top Fitness Bands of 2016

  Fitness bands are also called sports watches. While these two products have a lot of similarities they are also very different. Fitness bands are designed more for specific functions regarding a person’s health. Sports watches can do the same thing but they also include other features such as music, videos and other entertainment based […]

The Future of Wearable Tech

  Home life is busier than ever and families want to stay connected with one another throughout the day. How many of us have put our phones down and forgotten where we left it? Or we don’t want to lose our phone and looking for some other way to stay connected. Wearable technology might be […]