Smartwatch vs Fitness Band – what’s the best choice for active people?


The wearables market is growing at a very fast rate. Just a year or two barely anyone would admit that he might have even needed a smartwatch. Though, after the release of Apple watch, everything has changed – smartwatches are no longer just a geeky toy. Now everyone – from teenagers to corporate executives – can buy (and many time buys) a smartwatch, and it’s no longer surprising to see someone making a call using a watch. And the market keeps growing  If you are an active person you have an additional need for one – measuring processes in your body. Luckily (or not) here comes a second choice – fitness band. What to choose to measure your heart rate and blood pressure during a training routine?


What do you need the gadget for?smartwatch-vs-fitness-tracker1-620x400
The first question you should answer is what exactly do you need your new fitness band or a smartwatch for? If you are buying it just to draw attention to yourself or follow the trends, then going with a smartwatch is a better idea. On the other hand, if you’re a person that values productivity and utility, then fitness band may be a better option as it’s cheaper and more than enough for somebody who needs help tracking relevant data during intensive training.


Do have the money?
The second question is do you really have the money for that. A good smartwatch can cost a few times more than a fitness band and unless you use all of its functions it will be money wasted. On the other hand, if you would like to add a little bit of geeky luxury to your life, a smartwatch can be a much better choice. Plus it has more functions than a typical band and can be used on many more occasions compared to a fitness band.


Would it fit your style?
You don’t wear a fitness band every day – you need it only during your workout routine. Unlike a band, a smartwatch may accompany you all the time, and as long as you choose one that fits your outfit and style it can be a little better choice than a fitness band. Though, if you don’t wear a watch, every day or if your chosen smartwatch doesn’t go really fit your style, buying one would be rather pointless.


Where are you going to wear it?
The next question is where do you want to wear your new gadget. It’s hard to wear a watch anywhere besides your wrists. At the same time, there are fitness bands that come in all shapes and sizes. The fact that you can wear it in a form of a chest strap, on your ankle, head, leg and even as a mouth guard  gives you a lot more choices. If you are planning on wearing it on your wrist anyway, then you may consider going for a watch as you’ll be able to use it on more occasions than purely during training. On the other hand, if you cant wear anything on your hand during your routine then you have no other option, and have to go with the fitness band.



The choice between a smartwatch and a fitness band is mostly focusing on utility – meaning when, where and why are you using the gadget – and the depth of your wallet. If you can afford a good smartwatch, the best would be to buy a high-quality and universal one. But if all you need is a simple device to measure your body functions during training then spending extra few hundred bucks on a gadget that you won’t use doesn’t make much sense.




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