Best Smartwatches for Mums


Watches go handy in accessorizing our dress code and don’t we all just love seeing our mothers rock the classy watches we bought them? Over time watches have been seen to act as a piece of jewelry or bracelet as opposed to the ancient time telling pieces of equipment tied on the wrist. They come in a variety of brands from the array of designers in the market and each has a different price tag examples of the brands are Chanel, Burberry, Elle girl, Versace and the list goes on here
There are three main wrist materials of watches that include:

1. Leather straps2016-women-039-s-fashion-d2-ip67-waterproof

Watches made of leather straps are beautiful and durable. From their price rates one can clearly note that these pieces speak for quality. This material of watch straps is good to go with any dress code from the casual look to official wear. However much leather proves to be quality one should be careful in selecting one since there are different qualities of leather.

2. Bracelet watchsmile-smartwatch-9

These types of watches are made of wrist bands that are gold, silver or stainless steel in nature. They come in a diversity of prices and could be found at your local hawker or at the classy stores in town. Some are even designed to feature expensive minerals like diamonds and gold. A major advantage that they exhibit is their ability to be adjusted to suit any wrist size together with the fact that they can be designed in creative shapes. However their durability and resistance to stress depends on their quality.

3. Band watches1350825445546231954

These ones are made of plastics and rubber. They don’t necessarily fit every ones style but some do prefer them. A major merit they poses is the fact that they can be worn almost everywhere including in water and they exist in various beautiful colors. Its disadvantage being it is not formal.


Factors to consider when buying a watch.

It is important that the type of watch one buys match the style of the one who wears it at the end of the day. Usually decisions should be in line with the price off the commodity, its durability, the skin, age and figure of the lady in question. The quality of the band materials also matters with the prime goal being elegance and class and they are clearly displayed in





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