Top Fitness Bands of 2016


Fitness bands are also called sports watches. While these two products have a lot of similarities they are also very different. Fitness bands are designed more for specific functions regarding a person’s health. Sports watches can do the same thing but they also include other features such as music, videos and other entertainment based activities. Here is a look at some of the top fitness bands of 2016.




Fitbit is a highly rated fitness band product. This particular brand offers a series of sport watches that each have their own unique capabilities and selling points. All of the Fitbit models are designed with a minimalistic approach and they can easily be synced with Android and Apple devices. These products are lightweight, versatile and highly advance mobile devices.


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Basis sports watches and fitness bands are among the best in the industry. These watches are designed to be digital medical assistants for anyone that straps them on their wrist. Basis sports watch users can check their daily calorie intake, the amount of steps they walk and access their heart rate when they are performing some type of cardiovascular routine. People can even use their Basis fitness band to monitor to track the quality of their sleep. These watches are not flashy but they do provide the technology for the best health benefit.




Apple is the reigning champs of the mobile device market. Their technology is profound and their sports watches showcases some amazing features. Apple fitness band users can expect alerts from their watches when they need to exercise. The watches will tell them how many calories they will need to burn over the week and it can be used to design and track workout routines. The watches are colorful, extremely high tech, integrate well with Apple mobile devices and they are outfitted with the best technology on the market.




Samsung fitness bands are some of the most popular on the market. These sports watches are designed to function like a personal trainer or activity coach. They are water resistant and this simply means that a person’s sweat or rainy conditions will not ruin the device. The unit is also dustproof and has a rechargeable battery that last up to 5 days. This sports watch has an amazing colorful display and is very stylish. Samsung offers different varieties of bands and sports watches that fits anybody style or preference.




Misfit wearables are uniquely designed sports watches and fitness bands. They are made out of high quality aircraft materials but they are reasonably priced. The interface for this brand of watches are very original and have a distinctive look. However, the best thing about Misfit products is not their glamourous appearance; it’s their ability to help users to perform a variety of exercise related tasks. People can track their rest and movement cycles and they can even evaluate various aspects of their cardiovascular system while they workout or relax. Misfit devices are extremely stylish and cutting edge.





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