Most Stylish Smartwatches For Dad – Mix Technology with Elegance!


While the majority of the market of smartwatches is targeting the younger generation, some manufacturers had already noticed the need for a little bit more stylish models, designed for those who were born long before the smartphone era, when an elegant watch was still an important part of the outfit. Whether you are already a dad, or you are looking for a smartwatch for your father, the below list presents models which are among the most stylish available on the market. Check out our short list here of most stylish smartwatches for dad.


1. Apple Watchsmart-watch-821559_640
The list would not be complete without the Apple product. Without Apple’s smartwatch, the market wouldn’t grow so fast, and smartwatch as a product would probably still be waiting to become something more than a geeky gadget [1]. While it’s not the most stylish, with a good choice of bracelet it can look very elegant. And it works well with your iPhone too.


2. Moto 360Untitled
Another smartwatch with a very stylish look which comes from a tech company rather than a fashion designer. Besides great looks and a classic analogue-style face, it has all the functions you may need. From smartphone updates to an integrated heart rate monitor, pedometer and even wireless charging it’s definitely an excellent choice for every dad who values both technological advancement and classic elegance.


3. GUESS CONNECTmaxresdefault (2)
The gunmetal leather Guess Connect smartwatch gives even the most demanding customers everything that they need. With a stylish and classic face, this watch will suit every casual and official occasion, and the possibility to receive e-notifications, call and use voice commands together with a “find your phone” feature are a step towards the right direction giving you the most standard smartwatch functions in a very elegant product. It also comes in two sizes 41 mm and 45 mm, allowing you to fit it to your needs.


4. TAG HEUER Connected Watchdeb1f38f9a997020c903a22f5b108bcb-e1447103472118-1200x673
Compared to other smartwatches on the list, Tag Heuer Connected Watch may be a little bit more “sporty” in its looks. Still, it’s one of the most stylish smartwatches available and at the same time one of the most expensive in the list – in fact, it’s 3 to 4 times more expensive than the Guess Connect, mentioned above. Still, if you have the money, value the beauty of stylish electronics, and love the connection between elegance, technology, and sport then there is no other option for you than the new TAG Heuer Connected.



5. Smartwatches from the Cogito linebest-budget-smartwatches
Almost all smartwatches from the Hong Kong-based company combine a perfect classic face design with top technological solutions of the smartwatch world. It allows you to do most of the things typical smartwatches do such as get notified of the call or text, email, or set an alert or manage a schedule but barely any smartwatch on the market looks as good as this one. Without a doubt, it will fit every stylish dad out there.



Choosing a high quality and stylish smartwatch model fo dad is not an easy task. You want to combine style with functions and quality – and that adds up the cost. The best smartphones for dad cost at least a few hundred dollars and the best smartwatches exceed the price of a few hundred dollars. Of course, the top stylish ones from fashion designers or Apple will cost even a few thousand. Regardless of the market trends and prices of the top smartwatches, the above list of five most stylish smartwatches for dad should allow you to make a choice depending on your needs and style requirements, followed by wallet possibilities.






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