Why smart clothing will soon go mainstream


The advent of smart clothing has sparked a debate comparing them with fitness trackers and why the former will replace the latter. Back in 2014, Gartner published a report depicting that shipment of smart clothing would hit the 26 million mark, thus surpassing that of fitness trackers by a whooping 7 million units.



Today, smart clothing seem to be the talk of town. And while there are no stats depicting the rate at which they are flying off the shelf, it is only fair to judge that it will take a short while before spotting people in these shirts.



Smart Clothing and its benefitsathos-smart-clothes-wearable-technology



Monitoring stats is made easier



Stats are important as far as your health is concerned. However, accuracy of those figures is even more important. It is for this reason that companies like Fitbit get sued over their gadgets’ accuracy. Of course smart clothing will improve accuracy by moving the sensors closer to places that are supposed to be monitored.



Most smart clothing utilize the same reliable EKG heart beat monitoring technology used in chest straps. Therefore, wearing this type of clothing on the lower part of your body will have the benefit of monitoring all parts that do active moving while you run or walk.



Factoring comfort into the equation26a0f01a649a447fd13ede2e9f4c6c7f



Some people don’t like wearing anything on their wrist. Part of the reason why they hate it is because it gets sweaty underneath their wrist, and they don’t like the discomfort that comes with that. However, the opportunity of wearing a simple shirt and making sure that their tracking isn’t visible is quite an appealing one. However, with that being said, it would be worth noting that some of these companies now offer compression fits that don’t look so flattering if you lack a slim body.



But this is an opportunity as well. Companies like Lumo Run have begun making a pair of shorts that resemble normal ones you’d find it a sports shop. This company said they invested some time and research into coming up with this type of short. It’s the perfect fit for those who want to stay upbeat with cutting-edge technology.



Smart clothing can be washed like normal clothing tech-clothing



Most of them have a magnetic clip or data box that is attached onto the garment. However, once you temporarily remove these things, you can stack the garment with the rest of your clothing into the washing machine.



The market is still full of fitness trackers and wearable that don’t go well with water. Whereas you wouldn’t wish to deep yourself into the pool with a pair of smart socks, it’s always good to know that smart clothing is different.






The future of smart clothing goes beyond the gym. In fact, with the kind of data that they record, manufacturers can get creative and come up with smart clothing that help make work easier. There are even rumors that smart clothing are available for babies as well. Babies don’t go to the gym, but it can help monitor their heart rate so the parent will know if their little one is comfortable in bed.








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