The Reality of Virtual Reality Devices Available on the Market Today


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What was just being experimented with and considered science fiction only a decade ago has begun to slowly find its place in the modern videogame and entertainment market and some business applications. Virtual Reality devices are all the rage right now, allowing users to directly interface with their games, movies, or training and testing programs for a fully interactive experience. With Sony announcing a PlayStation Virtual Reality product due this fall, several other corporations have jumped on the virtual bandwagon announcing VR product lines of their own. Below, we’ll examine a few Virtual Reality products available now or on pre-order and give you some specs, pro, cons, and prices to help you decide the best Virtual Reality device for you.


The Best Virtual Reality Experience for Yousamsung-gear-vr


Many different Virtual Reality devices have been launched already for use with mobile devices but Samsung’s official Samsung Gear VR is one of the best and most inexpensive on the market at only $99. Offering amazing experiences with different movies as well as a plethora of different Virtual Reality games and applications, Samsung Gear VR allows you to fully immerse yourself in your ‘virtual living room’ where you can use apps like Netflix and Hulu. For the price tag and capabilities this is a great option for Virtual Reality use on your mobile device. You can view specs, trailers, and purchase on Samsungs website here. 


If you’re looking for a more immersive and professional Virtual Reality outfit then the VisionStation by Virtual Realities LLC may be more your reality. With the capability to mimic a desktop of up to 1920×1080 the VisionStation can run tasks like no other Virtual Reality device available on the modern market. The VisionStation can be used in business applications such as reviewing buildings or aerospace and automotive design as well as allowing for kicking back with full immersion in your favorite PC games or as a driving simulator. Your real world budget for a VR device better be high though as the Vision Station runs around $24,500.00 on Virtual Realites LLC’s website : visionstation, educational discounts are available however.


At E3 this year Sony announced PlayStation’s own Virtual Reality Device the PlayStation VR to be released in October of 2016, though you can pre-order the VR now. This device will allow for totally immersion in your favorite new games and some select classics from the PlayStation Archive. Sony’s launch of the PlayStationVR marks the biggest advancement in VR use with console video gaming and has pushed other gaming companies into their own development of Virtual Reality products. The PlayStation VR will run around $399.00 and is available for pre-order now.


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In conclusion, the short list above is far from all the Virtual Reality devices available on the market, though it does represent the variation of products and prices offered by different companies for different devices. Since VR is in the early days of development and marketing it is highly suggested to do a fair amount of research before purchasing to ensure you’re buying the right VR device for you. See you in the real world!




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