The Future of Wearable Tech


Home life is busier than ever and families want to stay connected with one another throughout the day. How many of us have put our phones down and forgotten where we left it? Or we don’t want to lose our phone and looking for some other way to stay connected. Wearable technology might be the way to go!! There are a number of products out there to fit your needs and all sorts of styles to appeal to you and prices are generally competitive with each other. This article will help you get through the maze of wearable technology in a nutshell. There are a number of wearable technologies available depending on what it is you are looking for. Wearable technology is the future and some of it is already here!!fitbit-flex-colors-100643151-large.idge



The first most obvious wearable technology is the FITbit and the Microsoft Band for loyal windows users.


These bands are used for exercise and keeping track of your fitness activities. The Fitbit will track your heart rate, distance traveled, steps, floors climbed, and duration of your workouts. The Microsoft Band 2 will clock your heart rate, calories burned, and something different it tracks the quality of your sleep. Not only does the Microsoft band work with the Windows phone, it also works with Android and iphones and you can check email and texts without having to get another watch for it! The fitbit has wireless technology but you cannot check your email or send text messages from it.2f0732de-dac7-40a6-ae50-7f83966fda56








If the Microsoft Band and the Fitbit are not what you are looking for aesthetically there are other wearable technologies to consider. Samsung Gear makes different wearable watches to fit your style from a classic looking watch to the more neo looking wearable technology. And of course Apple makes the Apple Watch for its iphones.gears2-fb


See more of the Samsung gear 


The Apple Watchapple_watch_new_bands_mar2016



Google glasses and some other brands have come out. These items are very pricey and expensive but they are the future. You can have your cell phone in your glasses, along with music and video and comes with a charging station.glass_photos0688



As for the future, inventors are coming up with interesting things for us. Clothes that can charge your phone. Clothing manufacturer’s are coming up with new ways to keep you connected without hunting for your charger by sewing it into your clothes. Air humidifiers in your jewelry. As air quality is poor in some areas and some people have breathing problems inventors are coming up with air purifiers that will dispense fresh air to the wearer.



So stay tuned. The future is bright for technology within your reach and technology you can even wear!






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